Behind the name

Naming my blog was the hardest part, I knew I wanted to start a blog, I just didn’t know what to name it. My first though was “The Cupcake Wrapper”, which is the name I picked out for my future cupcake shop! I knew my blog would not be just about cupcakes and baking, so I though the name should be more then that. I was sitting on my back deck one morning watch the kids play with sticky sand that I had just made them, and the name popped in my head. Cupcakes and Sandcastles. Cupcakes represent my passion for baking, and my dream to have a cupcake shop someday. Sandcastles represent my 3 children. In reality I only have 2, but I count my husband as one. He is a big kid! I always tell him, “I feel like I have 3 kids.” And everything in between, is everything else I like to do, sewing, crafts, camping and whatever else we come a crossed in our life’s adventure.

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