Hi, my name is Heather. I am a wife and mother of two. I owe my crafty talent to my grandma, she is one crafty little lady. If it wasn’t for her giving me my great grandma’s sewing machine I would have never known I could sew. And to think I told her no I didn’t want it at first thinking I would never use it, ha was I wrong. Glad my inner sweet old lady changed my mind. I’ll tell you about her next! My great grandma was amazing at sewing along with my grandma (her daughter) so it was only right that their talent got past down to me, after all I am the only granddaughter on that side of the family out of 6 grand children! I’ll take it, I love sewing, crafts, baking. I enjoy them all. As for the sweet old lady in me, well I’m not sure if I believe this or not but some people say that your soul is passed on to another people. If it’s true then mine is an old sweet lady from the south! My only conclusion to that is I’m born and raised in Michigan and I love sweet tea! Make since right? No one in Michigan knows what sweet tea is or even likes it! I would move to the south in a minute, but I love my husband so here I am living the country life in Michigan with a southern heart. Welcome to my blog Cupcakes and Sandcastles.

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