Lunch ideas

Here are a few lunch ideas that I have pack for my family. I apologize that most of the lunches look the same, I am just starting out on making these style lunches. My husband and I have always packed our lunches for work, as we are not fast food type of people. We would always pack leftovers from dinner the night before, but both of use were getting tired of left overs. Maybe once or twice a week for leftovers is fine, but not every day. As you can see our favorite is adult style lunchable and salads. The lunchable is the easiest to change up, use different cheeses, lunch meats, flavor crackers and cream cheeses, they are also a hit with the kids!  I will continue to add pictures and description as I come up with more ideas.

Leftover French dip Sandwhich on Hawaiian rolls. Veggies with dip and mini cookies.

Almond butter and jelly roll ups, cucumber with ranch dresses, fruit snacks and bunny crackers.

Chocolate chip waffles with syrup, gold fish, oatmeal rasin chewy bar, peaches in jello.

Chicken salad, dill Triscuits, Greek olives, fruit snack and a cheese stick.

Peanut butter and jelly sandwich, green pepper with ranch and grapes.

Jelly and butter sandwich, green pepper with ranch and mini Oreos.

Ham, pepperroni and cheese with chive and onion cream cheese on Ritz crackers and cheese popcorn.

Turkey, pepperoni, cheese with garden vegetable cream cheese on bacon Ritz cracker, a side of banana peppers and cheese popcorn.


Salad with roman lettuce, cucumber, tomato, and cheese with ranch dressing. sides, veggie straws and halo oranges.


Salad, ice burg lettuce, tomato, cucumber, carrots with fiesta lime dressing. Sides, raisin, trail mix and celery with peanut butter.


Roasted veggie crackers with oven roasted turkey and muenster cheese. Side of cucumber with ranch for dipping and mint Oreo.


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