Essential oils

Face Toner


Face toner- for best results use only 100% pure essential oils. I use Spark Naturals Essential Oils Use coupon code SANDCASTLES for 10% off your order any time, this code never expires!

1- 8 oz  PET spray bottle (Spark Naturals) Only certain plastic bottle like PET can be use with essential oil. I prefer the spray bottle then I can mist the toner on my face and not have to use a cotton ball. Can also use a glass bottle.

witch hazel

5 drops-Lavender essential oil

5 drops- Cyrpress essential oil

5 drops- Geranium essential oil

5 drops- melaleuca (tea tree) essential oil


Add 5 drops of each essential oil in a spray bottle then fill the rest of the way with witch hazel. Oil will separate in witch hazel just give the spray bottle a quick shake before each use. Mist onto face morning and night after washing face, but before you moisturize.


The essential oils that you use is up to you, these are the four that I picked. You can use more or less. Toner is very versatile with essential oils and can be based around your skin type. My toner is based around combination skin.




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