Cupcakes Stand

I was booked to make cupcakes for a Wedding in August. I had a stand already but was not that sturdy so I really did not trust it for a wedding with 150 cupcakes on it. So as awesome as my husband is I told him I needed a sturdy stand for cupcakes and well here it is!!!


To start you will need:

4×4 by 1/2 inch sanded pile wood

3/8 threaded pipe 36 inch long

1 1/2 inch diameter PVC pipe 48 inch long

3/8- 16 T nut

and a few tools!

Measure out the squares on the 4×4 sheet of pile wood. We used a tape measure and a builders square to help keep the squares even. Note: The top of my cake stand was 10×10, we cut the 8×8 out but did not end up using it. I did 6 layers instead of 7, if you are going to do all 7 layers, I suggest to buy a longer threaded rod. The direction below is for 6 layers, if using 7 layers please adjust accordingly. I decide to the 10×10 as the top, because for most weddings there is a cutting cake at the top and I wanted to make sure there was enough room for either a 6in cake or 8in cake.


Cut each square out, using a circular saw, or something similar


With a pencil draw a straight line from corner to corner making an X in the middle of the board. Set the top (8×8 or 10×10) piece of the stand and the bottom (20×20) a side. Use a 3/8 drill bit (or same size hole as the threaded rod) and drill a hole in the middle of each board, (except the top and bottom of the stand) Use a 7/16 drill bit (to accommodate the T nut) and drill a hole in the center of 8×8/ 10×10 and 20×20.


Use a primer and prime the boards on both sides, we used a spray paint primer. After the boards are primed and dry, do a light and quick sand to the boards to smooth them out. After we sprayed the boards there were fuzzy. Once the boards are primed dried and sanded smooth, paint each board both side and edges with the color of your choice. I did not use spray paint for this, as I already had a glossily trim paint that I used.


Use a 1 1/2 inch hole saw and cut out 5 circles, also drill out the center of each circle at 3/8 to fit the threaded rod.


Cut the PVC pipe 5 1/2 inches, you can adjust this to your liking, just make sure if you go taller that the threaded rod is long enough.


Use an SOS pad and lightly rub the writing/markings that are on the PVC pipe off so they do not show through the paint, this also helps the paint to adhere to the PVC. Paint the PVC pipe the color of your stand. I used a glossy spray paint for plastic.


This is what a T nut looks like ( don’t worry I didn’t know what it was either!) Use a hammer and pound the T nut into the top of the 8×8 or 10×10 (which ever size is your top) board and the bottom of the 20×20 board. Show in picture above.


You may need to cut the threaded rod, depending on how tall the layers are and the length of the rod. We needed to cut the rod. Start by stack the stand, starting with the 20×20 board and place the threaded rod in the T nut, next PVC pipe and then the next board all the way to the top. This is not the final stack just getting the measurements for the threaded rod. Mark the rod that is stick out the top of final board. Note: In the picture  below, the orange mark is what was sticking out the top, we cut a few threads down from the orange marker to insure nothing would be sticking out the top. Take the stand back apart and cut the rod When cutting the rod make sure you cut straight and in between the threads so you do not mess the thread up, other wise the T nut will not thread on.


Now for the final stack. Start with bottom 20×20 board, thread the threaded rod into the bottom board through the T nut, place a 1 1/2 inch circle through the threaded rod and let it rest on top of the board. These circles are to help hold the PVC pipe in place so the pipe does not move around. You can glue the circle to the board if you want to. Next slide the PVC pipe over the thread rod and let it rest on the board, now start to build the layers of the cupcake stand. PVC pipe is used as the spacers between each board.


Once you get to the last board, turn the board/ T nut onto the thread rod until it is tight. You may have to straighten all the boards and line them up as you go. I also suggest putting little rubbing feet on the bottom. The T nut is not completely flush with the bottom board so it will teeter a littler bit, nothing to worry about and would not tip over, but just so the stand does not move or wobble while people are taking cupcakes off of it, and also if you use rubber feet it will stop the stand from moving or sliding.


Here is the final cupcake stand, the stand is not crocked I promise. Its my awesome photography skills!


The cupcake stand was put to good use! I had 150 standard cupcakes with a 6in cutting cake at the top. The stand could have probably held 175 cupcakes, I had a little space between mine.




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