Essential oils

All Natural Bug Spray

Here is an all natural bug spray that I have personally put to the test, and it works! My family and I used this all natural bug spray while we were camping up north. There was about 15 of us sitting around the camp fire swatting a bug. I noticed we all start the bug swat dance along with swearing, cause well no one like mosquitos and their bits! I ran into the camper got the all natural bug spray, sprayed myself the kids and passed it around the camp fire. This was the first time that I put it to the test so I asked everyone to let me know how it worked. The feed back: IT WORKS GREAT, and smells good to. The bug swatting dance stop!!To have my whole family tell me it works, that’s good enough for me.


What you will need:

Spark natural essential oil- Nature

Spark natural- Witch Hazel

Spark natural- 8oz clear pet spray bottle

Use the code ” sandcastles “, for 10% off your total purchase through Spark Naturals

Put 15-20 drops of Spark natural Nature essential oil in a clear pet spray bottle and fill with witch hazel. Shake well with every use.


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