Olaf from frozen


My little cookie monster as Olaf!

My daughter wanted to be Elsa from Frozen, so I though it was only right that her brother was Olaf!


Printable pattern: Olaf Pattern Size 12 month- 3T


Print the pattern out, and trace the pattern on a fold piece of white fleece. Cut 2 on the fold and 4 not folded. You will have 2 whole piece and 4 half’s.


Once the fabric is cut out, place the 2 whole piece together, about 3 inches down from the arm holes draw a straight line all the way a crossed, and then half inch under that line drawn another one. sew both lines, this is for the elastic.


Use a 1/4 inch elastic about 11 inches long. Use a safety pin attached to the elastic and thread the elastic all the way through. Watch the other end of the elastic, once it gets close to the end of the fabric safety pin it to the fabric so you don’t lose it inside the fabric. Once the elastic is all the way through sew both ends, so it stays in place.

I did not get a picture of this step, but you will want to sew the 2 fleece fabrics together, this is going to be the front of the snowman that will be stuffed. Sew the neck part, shoulders, ONE arm hole and both sides. Make sure you leave one of the arms holes open and the bottom, so you have room to put stuffing in the snowman.


Trace and cut 3 circles out for the buttons, black felt works the best, I used the glitter kind to give the snowman a little sparkly. The bottom of the tacky spray can, seem to be a good size for the buttons, but anything round will work.


Use tacky spray or any fabric glue/spray to attach the felt circle/buttons to the fleece.


Stuff the top part and bottom part of the snowman with stuffing. I did not over do it with the stuffing just a little to give the snowman some fluff.


For the bottom of the snowman, you will do the same thing you did at the top with the elastic. Sew 2 lines 1/2 inches apart and thread the elastic through it and sew the elastic to both end. Note: Being we sewed down both side of the snowman, after you sew your two lines use a seem ripper and remove the stiches between those lines so you can get the elastic through.


Side view of Mr. fluffy


For the back of the snowman, sew two of the backs together, leaving the flat side and bottom open. So sew the neck, arm hole, and side.  Do the same with the other 2 pieces sew them together as well.


For the zipper, place the two back piece together like a sandwich and pin the flat side together (the side that did not get sewn,) this will be thick being its 4 pieces of fabric. Sew the layers together using a half inch seem allowance. Flatten the fabric out on the table so it looks like the front piece of the snowman. Press the seem flat and lay the zipper upside down on the seem and pin it. (shown in picture) Sew the zipper, using a zipper foot on each side. Sew across the bottom of the zipper and fabric to hold on place.


On the other side of the fabric, use the seem ripper and slowly take the seem out to expose the zipper. Stop just before where you sewed at the bottom of the zipper. If this is confussing or you need more help, please see joyushome she explains this way better then I can.

Stuff the back part of the snowman through the bottom, sew the bottom together when done. I did not do elastic on the back side, you can if you want but I did not feel like it needed it.


Now to put the snowman together. Put the right side of the fabric together. Pin the shoulders together and the sides. Make sure you do not sew the arm holes together. Start the sewing with the shoulders, I sewed these twice just to make sure it holds together. Now sew the side together, go slow and take your time, it is a lot of layers to sew. Once you are done flip the snowman right side out. The neck and arm holes will have raw edges, but being fleece does not fray I left them that way.

DSC_0055 DSC_0057

Little Olaf is almost done!!

For the hat pattern please go to Tracy’s Treasury and print the pattern.

Cut out the fleece hat pattern from Tracy’s Treasury, on 2 of the triangle like pieces sew a white circle and a black circle that is smaller for then the white one, for the eye. To do the eye bows draw a curved line above the eyes and sew a zig zag line.  For the nose use the triangle piece as a pattern, trace onto orange fleece or felt (I used felt for the nose and eyes) Fold the nose piece in half and sew along the edge. Stuff with a little poly and pin the nose piece in between the 2 eye piece fabric and sew together.


Sew the rest of the hat together, (for more detail instructions please see Tracy’s Treasury. As a side note, I cut out 8 triangles for the hat and line my hat, to make it thicker and so there is no seem in the head part of the hat. To do so, once you have the 4 triangles seen together then place both hat tops wrong side together, add your ear piece and sew together.

DSC_0005 (2)

I know Olaf’s head kind of looks creepy here, but he’s cute put all together with the costume. I forgot to add brown hair onto of the hat, feel free to do so. I was in a hurry trying to finish this hat before we left to go camping for the Harvest Fest up North. I wanted to make sure the kids had their costumes for trick or treating. That’s why there is not a lot of photos for the hat portion of this tutorial. SORRY!!!

DSC_0038 DSC_0041


Please click here the Elsa dress tutorial


I have put a lot of time into making this pattern and tutorial, please respect me and use for personal use only, thanks!




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