Elsa from frozen dress


My 5 year old daughter wanted to be Elsa this year for Halloween. The “frozen Elsa” as she calls her. I knew this costume would be popular this year, but its what she wanted so it’s what she gets. Last year she was Little Red Riding Hood and her little brother was the Big Bad Wolf. So this year he is going to be Olaf.
I am not the kind of person to buy a pattern and I have never made a pattern before either. I usually just wing it or follow a tutorial that someone else has done. I looked on the internet, but did not really find anything I liked. So after trial and error three time I have come up with a pattern and a tutorial.

Elsa dress pattern Click to print the full pattern. Size 6-7. The size is just a guess my daughter wears a 6 and this was a little big on her but worked out good as we need to layer clothes underneath.

Trace the bodice pattern and cut the fabric out. Cut the heart shape piece on the folded part of the fabric. There is a side piece and back piece, make sure you cut two of each. I used a sparkle fabric for the outside of the bodice and the inside liner I used the same fabric as the skirt part of the dress, if you are doing a liner do this step twice. In the pattern I made two darts at the top, I did not end up needing the darts like I though I would. When you cut the pattern out don’t cut the darts until you find out if you need them you not.


Sew the back and side pieces together and then sew the side piece to the side of the bodice. Repeat for the liner. I wanted to make note here. My bodice has a point to it, but when I attached the top of the dress (bodice piece) to the skirt, the skirt was not big enough for me to go all the way around the skirt and the point too, so I had to cut the point off. If you want the point you will want to make the skirt wider, or you can skip the point all together.


Put wrong side of fabric together and sew along the edge all the way around to secure the top piece and liner together. Don worry about the raw edge it will be covered up.


Print the yoke pattern out twice. Cut one pattern out but do not cut the curve piece out this will be the back, then cut the curve piece out of the other pattern this is the front piece and the curve part will fit the top part of the bodice, Cut the curve side of the pattern on the fold of the fabric so it is one piece.


Sew the top shoulders together and the sides. It will look like a short jacket (just the opening part is in the back.)


Attach the bodice to the top part of the dress. This part is hard to explain but I will do my best. Start with the center top of the bodice and line that up with the center of the top piece. The two curves should line up, sew the two piece together. Then use bias tape (I made mine out of the skirt/lining fabric) to line the raw edge. This edge is on the inside of the dress but I did it for two reason. The fabric that I used for the top part of the dress is sheer you would be able to see the raw edge, and I did not want it to itchy on my daughter. Also it gives the dress that fancy finished look!


Using bias tape and line the neck part of the dress.


More bias tape! I love this stuff. Line the back edges of the dress.


The back top part of the dress will look like this when all the bias tape is done.

DSC_0118 (2)

For the zipper I will let someone else explain this. If you know how to do a zipper by all means do the zipper however you would like to. I on the other hand had never did one, so I was more focus on sewing the zipper right that I did not take pictures. Here is the link for the zipper over at joyushome. I only did a 7 inch zipper, which was long enough for the bodice part. I had to use a small piece of Velcro the secure the top. I wish I would have done a 12 inch zipper so that it was a full zipper back, but when I was buying the zipper I didn’t know how long of one to get. The zipper length is your choice.


This is what the front looks like finished, but without the sleeves.


Print, trace and cut the sleeve pattern out.


Sew the bias tape to the wrist end of the sleeve.


Pin the sleeve together and sew or serge them.


To attach the sleeve to the dress, turn the dress inside out, but the sleeve needs to be right side out. Stuff the sleeve into the dress through the arm hole with the right side of fabrics touching. Pin and sew around, then serge.


The pattern for the skirt is just measurements. I wanted to train in the back of the dress, but was not sure how to make one. I’m sure there is a different/ easier way but this is what I came up with. I cut 4 pieces for the skirt. For the waist I did 7 inches for each piece which totals 28 inches. My daughter waist is not that big but it gives her room to move and to layer with pants if its cold out. For length the front piece is 22 inches in length, the sides are 26 inches in length and the back is 28 inches length. To cut each piece I measure 7 inches for the top, then measured down 22 inches and mark with a dot, there you will want to measure 14 inches a crossed for the bottom. You will have a triangle shape but with a flat top. Do the same thing for the other 3 pieces but change the length, the sides are 26 inches, cut 2 of them and the back piece is 28 inches.


Sew the side pieces of the skirt to the front piece and then sew the back skirt to the side. The skirt looks kind of weird, you did nothing wrong! Now to make the skirt flow more. Fold the skirt in half so that it is even and matches the other side. Use a measuring tape and start at the short end/ front of skirt. Angle it all the way to the back of the skirt, mark and cut. At this point you can hem the bottom. Or I made the skirt twice sew them together at the bottom and now the skirt is lined.


Attach the skirt and bodice top together. Turn the bodice inside out and slip it over the skirt upside down, the bottom of the bodice and the top of the skirt need to match up, with right sides of fabric touching. Make sure you line the skirt and bodice up so when your little girl is wearing the dress the train is evenly in the back.


Here is the finished dress, now for the cape!

DSC_0133 (2)

The cape is nothing perfect, I just cut the fabric 50 inches long. I wanted a cape that dragged on the ground, I made mine really long. I cut the bottom of the cape so it was rounded, I just free handed this, nothing fancy, because it is so long and flows that it wont matter if its not perfectly curved. For the top I did a gathered stich, to make it ruffle and gather at the top.


DSC_0135 (2)

I did not want to sew the cape to the dress, because of how long it is, I wanted my daughter to be able to take it off after Halloween to play in or when she wears it to school, then it wont be in her way. I just sewed a piece of Velcro to the top of the cape, and attached the other piece of the Velcro to the dress. Where the dress zips together in the back, you will want to cut the Velcro in half there. I did a zigzag stich to attached the Velcro to the dress.


DSC_0158 (2)

I also wanted to add snowflakes to the cape. I used my Cricut, to cut snowflake stencils out. I laid the stencil on the cape with news paper underneath and sprayed the glitter paint until I got the coverage I wanted.


DSC_0172 DSC_0170


“Frozen Elsa” dress is all done!! I am super excited that I made this! I am good at sewing but I have never made a pattern before, it was easier then I though. If you have any question please feel free to ask. I will try to answer them the best I can!



For Olaf pattern please click here


I have put a lot of time into making this pattern and tutorial, please respect me and use for personal use only, thanks!









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