Fabric Letters


My son is two and I wanted to start working with him on his letter. I knew if I made paper flash cards he would just rip them. So I though maybe fabric letters would be more durable and fun to learn with. This project was made completely out of scraps. I used scrap fabric left over from other projects and also the batting that I used was smaller pieces that I had saved. See you should never throw scraps away!


I used my cricut to cut out the letters and use them as a template.


Layer your fabric, I did my design fabric, batting and then plain fabric. I traced the letter on the plain fabric which will be the back of the letters. If doing it this way make sure you trace your letters backwards. I did pretty good with only having to redo 2 letters, not bad! I did plain fabric on the back of the letters because I wanted it to be easier for my son to know what was the right side of the letter, I did not want to confuses him by having a design fabric on both sides.


After tracing the letters I cut the fabric to separate each letter to make it easier to sew. Also add a few pins to hold the fabric layers in place while sewing.


Sew all of the letter. It is hard to see in the picture but these are two letters that are sewn, an R and Z.


Now that you have your pile of letter, its time to cut them out. Cut alone the stiches but do not cut the stiches.  This took longer then to sew them! Of course what helps this long process is to sit by a nice bomb fire and cut them out. Hey no scraps or little pieces to clean up in the house just toss them in the fire!


Letters are cut out and ready for learning. I also made a draw string bag to put the letters in, here is the tutorial that I used over at The Creative Place


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