Tire swing seat


A few months ago we were at the play escape with the kids at the state park while we were camping there, they had these tire swings there that looked like seats and you could sit back in the while swinging. The kids loved playing on them, we though we could make one for at home.  We looked on the internet for ways to make them and really there wasn’t much help. So here is what my husband came up with.


Use a paint marker and draw out the section that you are going to cut out. Make sure you only cut out the tread part of the tire and not the inside ring part (handles) of the tire, you will need the handles to hang the tire.


We used a jigsaw it didn’t give a clean cut but it worked. My husband said a sharp utility knife/ razor blade would work as well.


Once everything is cut and its the shape and size you want, turn the tire inside out. You have to work with the tire a little but mainly just step on the inside of the tire and pull up on the handles. Keep pulling up and stepping/walking on the tire until you have it inside out.


Use a grinder to grind the metal bands in the seat part of the tire. Grind them until there are smooth, this part smells!! You almost will melt the rubber around the bands. You can still see the metal bands a little but they should be smooth so the don’t cut your legs when sitting in the swing. Do both the top and bottom of the swing. Also drill small holes in the seat part of the swing so when it rains the water will drain out.


We hooked ours in the tree with chains. We looped the chain around the handles and hooked the two ends together. I’m sure there are many ways to do this but this is what worked for us.

DSC_0150 DSC_0152


And there you have it, a tire swing!


Disclaimer: We are not in any way responsible for how your project works out or for any injuries/death caused during its creation or usage.


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