Baby bassinet shower gift


My mother in-law and I had a baby shower to go to, we were trying to think of something cute to make as part of our gift instead of putting everything in the gift bag. My mother in-law found a picture of a baby bassinet made out of a basket and a sheet, there was only a picture and no tutorial on how to make it. So it was up to me to figure something out.

To make the canopy of the bassinet I used two metal coat hangers. Straighten them out, curve it around the basket and loop it through one of the openings in the side of the basket. Use needle nose pliers and tighten the wire so it holds in place. Take the other wire and loop it around the curved wire and secure it in place with zip ties.  Loop the other end to the basket but do not tighten this one because you will have to move it once you put the sheet on. Wow that is hard to describe in words, I hope the picture helps to make it more clear.



Use a crib sheet for this part it has a dual purpose, it fits best in the basket and the new parents to be can use the sheet as well, if you know what the room theme is buy a color to match. Place the crib sheet in the basket inside out so when you flip the sheet over to make the canopy there are no raw edges showing. Move your second wire away from the basket and just let it hang in place, like shown in the picture. This end of the basket you want the extra of the sheet to hang out. Tuck the sheet between the wire and basket the best you can, this will also help it hold in place once you fill the basket with your goodies.



Put the second wire back in place, you just kind of have to set it in place, with the sheet there you can not attached it to the basket you don’t want to rip the sheet. Now flip the sheet over the wires to make the canopy.


Now to hold the sheet in place, I made a ruffle with elastic so it stretched over the basket but held everything tight. In this picture the ruffle is made out of the Winnie the Pooh fabric, the same fabric I used to make her baby bedding. (I made that baby bedding for the girls who baby shower we are going to) In later pictures you will see we changed the ruffle to purple. Our plan was to buy a purple sheets so I made the ruffle before we even got the sheet, and well we could not find a purple sheet, only pink and she did not want pink, so we settled for white. The bedding theme is Pooh, purple and yellow, but without a purple sheet it was hard to match the bedding. With a white sheet and the pooh ruffle we were worried it looked more boyish then girlish, being the pooh fabric had blue in it. So we changed it to PURPLE!!


I also made a ruffle to go around the canopy part, just safety pinned it to the curved wire to hold it in place, and laid the sheet over it to hide the pins.

DSC_0089 DSC_0092

Now fill the basket with your baby goodies. My mother in-law got her a blanket so we put that in the bottom and that helps fill the space and lifted everything up so you could see it. You may have to mess with the sheet and ruffles to get it just right. Yes I know the sheet is wrinkled!! I was in a hurry, it was getting late and my mother in-law still had to drive home and I wanted the basket it go with her.


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