Basic muffin recipe

This recipe is the base to my muffins, the add in’s are endless possibilities. Today I am making banana chocolate chip muffins. That is what is best about these muffins you can change the flavors up anyway you want. I always have bananas in the freezer, so no matter what flavor I do, there is always banana… Continue reading Basic muffin recipe


Lemon Meringue Cake

This cake started because I needed to run to the store to get cash back for the kids so they could per-order their teachers and friends flowers for Valentines Day at school. It easier to run down to the store and get cash back, then to go to the bank. I know it sounds like a lot… Continue reading Lemon Meringue Cake


Dark Chocolate Brownies

Brownies are a staple at our house, I make them often. They are fast and easy to throw together. These brownies are like the dense moist brownie that is similar to a box brownies. I am not a fan of cake like brownie. If I want a cake, I want cake, if I want a brownie, I… Continue reading Dark Chocolate Brownies

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Cherry Chip Cake with pistachio filling

I made my husband these beer mug cupcakes last year for his birthday. They were a cherry chip cake with a pistachio filling, two of his favorite flavors. Also a whipped cream frosting wrapped in molding chocolate which is made from white chocolate. My husband asked for the beer mug cupcakes again this year for his birthday. Well instead of… Continue reading Cherry Chip Cake with pistachio filling

Essential oils

Face Toner

Face toner- for best results use only 100% pure essential oils. I use Spark Naturals Essential Oils Use coupon code SANDCASTLES for 10% off your order any time, this code never expires! 1- 8 oz  PET spray bottle (Spark Naturals) Only certain plastic bottle like PET can be use with essential oil. I prefer the spray bottle… Continue reading Face Toner